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August Schell Brewing – Snowstorm 2013

Schell's Snowstorm 2013 // Photo courtesy of August Schell's Brewing Company

Schell’s Snowstorm 2013 // Photo courtesy of August Schell’s Brewing Company

From Schell’s:

Much like snowflakes, no two Snowstorm beers are alike. Once a year, our brewmasters lock themselves in the testing room with a secret selection of fine malts and hops, only emerging when they’ve hit upon something truly extraordinary.

Some of our past Snowstorm recipes, like Firebrick, proved so popular, we started brewing them year-round. Look for a special new batch of Snowstorm every season, available in November, December, and January or while supplies last.

2013 Snowstorm Beer Style: Belgian Style Golden Ale










August Schell Brewing – Framboise Du Nord

Schell's Framboise Du Nord // Photo courtesy of August Schell Brewing Company

Schell’s Framboise Du Nord // Photo courtesy of August Schell Brewing Company

From Schell’s:

The Noble Star Collection is the August Schell Brewing Company’s interpretation of traditional Berliner Weisse beers. A Berliner Weisse is often served with a shot of raspberry syrup stirred in – to cut down on the intense sourness – turning it into a refreshingly sweet-sour beverage.

Framboise du Nord, the second release in the Noble Star Collection, puts a unique twist on this tradition by refermenting our Berliner Weisse with raspberries, similar to a Belgian fruit lambic. Five thousand pounds of raspberries were added to Star of the North, the first Berliner Weisse beer released in the Noble Star Collection. It then fermented for an additional four months. The result is a remarkably vibrant and flavorful beer, that is refreshingly tart, dry, and bursting with raspberry flavor.











August Schell Brewing – Chimney Sweep

Schell's Chimney Sweep // Photo courtesy of August Schell Brewing Company

Schell’s Chimney Sweep // Photo courtesy of August Schell Brewing Company

From Schell’s: 

We are excited to announce our seasonal beer – Schell’s Chimney Sweep available from mid November through March! Dark and mysterious, with an intriguing wisp of smoke, a chimney sweep has long been considered a source of good luck. Schell’s Chimney Sweep draws its inspiration from these lucky individuals and the rich dark lagers of Upper Franconia in Germany. Expect a black lager with a roasty maltiness, sturdy hop bitterness and an underlying subtle smokiness.

Schell’s Chimney Sweep… an intriguingly lucky black lager from the August Schell Brewing Company, Minnesota’s original craft brewer.

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