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Lucid Brewing – Hallucidation

Lucid Brewing Hallucidation // Courtesy of Lucid Brewing Company

Lucid Brewing Hallucidation // Courtesy of Lucid Brewing Company

From Lucid:

We approach our craft with open minds in an attempt to surround ourselves with auras of flavor.  We do this with the intent of adventure, embracing what comes out on the other side for its own properties.  A class unto itself, beyond ingredients, a journey: the experimental.   If you’re willing, we’d like to share our exploration of the grape with you now.

HALUCIDATION is a collaboration with Parley Lakes Winery and is a unique beer/wine hybrid.  We selected Minnesota native Frotenac Gris grapes for their apricot, and tropical fruit character to balance with the peppery esters of the a high alcohol Belgian-style ale.


Lucid Brewing – Ducé Red Ale

Lucid Duce Imperial Red Ale

Lucid Duce Imperial Red Ale // Photo courtesy of Lucid Brewing Company

DUCE (pronounced “doo-chay”)DUCE made its debut last February at Winterfest.  We brewed batch on our pilot system that fall and put it on oak.  The result was a rich, malt-forward high gravity red ale, with a complex mouthfeel.  It went really fast and the feedback was great! Well it’s time to bring it back! This time in a 4-pack and with a little higher ABV.

This version of DUCE we switched to an English Yeast which lends to a richer flavor with a slightly sweeter finish.  For an 8%ABV beer, DUCE is very balanced and easy drinking. Look for dark fruit esters in the aroma and flavor, and bourbon and vanilla notes in the finish.

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