Unlabeled No. 2: Oktoberfest Brewery Participation Information

Thank you for participating!

Thanks for being part of Unlabeled No. 2: Oktoberfest. Below is some useful information for you to have that will help you have what you will need leading up to, and immediately following the event. 

Please post about the fact that you will be at the event and refer to our social media guide as needed. 

Useful Links:

Unlabeled No. 2: Oktoberfest official website


Participating Breweries

Travel & Parking


App related questions: Lila Gilbert, [email protected]

Ticket related questions, keg drop-off/pick-up or questions related to your presence at the event: Kevin Stocks, [email protected]

Questions about the editorial sampling: Brian Kaufenberg, [email protected]

Promotions, social media, or ticket giveaway: Zach McCormick, [email protected]

Action Steps for Participating Breweries:


DUE to 360 Toronto Street, St. Paul: ON or BEFORE Wednesday, September 11, 2019 The Growler offices are open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday (Note: offices are closed on Sept 2 for Labor Day). 

Clearly labeled beer sample should be submitted in ONE of the following forms/minimum quantities:

   – TWO 12-ounce bottles, cans, or crowlers with brewery name, beer name, and style category (Festbier or Märzen)


   – ONE 64-ounce resealable growler clearly marked with brewery name, beer name, and style category (Festbier or Märzen)


DUE to Upper Landing Park: Thursday, September 19, 2019, between 12pm and 6pm. If we do not receive your keg during this window, your offering will not be included in the event.

– Deliver ONE 1/2-bbl keg (not 1/6 or 1/4 kegs) for the public sampling to Upper Landing Park (St Paul) between 12 pm and 6pm on Thursday, September 19th to allow us time to coordinate and maneuver the 40+ kegs within the refrigerated trailers.


Immediately after the event

We have sent each participating brewery 2 entrance passes. With those passes you could do one of two things:

        1) Bring a branded tent, tables, chairs, and some giveaways to attract attendees to chat with you about your brewing processes and philosophy. Something you might not normally have the luxury of doing at a traditional beer festival. You will, obviously, not be located near where you beer will be poured and should not bring beer to sample at the event. There will be a place to indicate that you would like to bring a tent in the form below.

        2) If you would rather just be a guest to the event that would be fine as well.  

One thing we absolutely need for either scenario is for the person using these passes to pick up the kegs when the event is over. We will not have any refrigeration after the event and the keg trailers will be removed and rented out on Saturday Morning.


DUE to [email protected]:  Wednesday, October 9, 2019

– Participating breweries will be eligible for a $150 stipend for the event when providing ONE 1/2-bbl of the beer for the public sampling. Stipend is redeemed by submitting an invoice to [email protected] before October 9th,  2019. *Do not list actual product on the invoice.*