The return of The Kir Cocktail

The Kir

Modern updates to the Kir cocktail inclue the Kir Moderne (L) and the Kir Normand (R) // Photo coutresty James Ransom for The Wall Street Journal

The Kir, a cocktail made of of crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) and white wine, is back, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The Kir originated in France’s Burgundy region and is named for Felix Kir, a World War II resistance fighter, priest, and mayor of Dijon. Legend has it Kir declared the red-tinted cocktail the official beverage of Dijon’s city hall after the Nazis confiscated all of Burgundy’s best red wines.

Made correctly, the Kir can be beautifully balanced, tart, and elegant. Made incorrectly, and it’s sickly sweet and more wine cooler than aperitif.

Fortunately, American bartenders are learning the art of the Kir and ushering in its grand return–with a few twists.

Learn more about the return of The Kir via The Wall Street Journal


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