J. Carver Distillery debuts bourbon whiskey

J. Carver Distillery of Waconia announces the release of their first batch of bourbon whiskey. The spirit has a mashbill of 75 percent corn and 25 percent rye, and has been aged Minnesota-coopered oak barrels. “Not only is this one of the first bourbons made in Minnesota, it has been distilled with grains harvested close to … [ Read more]

Great Scotch! The world is running out of single malt Scotch whisky

Lovers of single malt Scotch whisky may notice their wallets are a little lighter the next time they reach for their favorite bottle as prices for older vintages climbs due to greater global demand. According to a report by CNN Money, record demand for single malt Scotch whisky in the U.S. and developing countries like China … [ Read more]

Free wine and whiskey at The Lowry on International Women’s Day

The Lowry is marking International Women’s Day, March 8, the best way possible: by giving women free wine and whiskey. All you have to do is bring a new or gently used handbag (or the three you have crammed into the corner of the front closet) to donate to Dress for Success between 4-8pm, and you’ll receive … [ Read more]

How Maker’s Mark makes its mark: A glimpse into the world of master distiller Greg Davis

Greg Davis, master distiller at Maker’s Mark in Loretto, Kentucky, is all about the craft spirit craze. “I like to call them the experimental distillers,” he says of the distillers embracing the new techniques and templates that are shaking up the spirits world. But Maker’s Mark, Davis says, is focused on legacy, with a distilling … [ Read more]

Tattersall Distilling and Bauhaus Brew Labs’ whiskey collaboration

Tattersall Distilling and Bauhaus Brew Labs are teaming up on a new whiskey collaboration using Bauhaus Brew Labs’ Stargrazer. Bauhaus co-owner Mark Schwandt posted a photo on Facebook of the fully fermented (but uncarbonated) beer being transferred to Tattersall’s distillery where it will be distilled into malt whiskey. The whiskey will age in barrels for around a year, … [ Read more]

Super-premium whiskeys lead distilled spirits growth in 2015

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) announced that 2015 was another year of steady growth for spirits in their annual briefing. Overall retail sales of distilled spirits in the U.S. market reached nearly $72 billion in 2015, up 4.1%. And for as much as we think the craft beer industry is booming, the spirits … [ Read more]

The saga of the stolen Pappy Van Winkle continues

Last April, authorities in Kentucky took down one of the biggest whiskey theft rings ever recorded: nine people stealing some $100,000 worth of Kentucky bourbon, including 65 cases of Pappy Van Winkle 20-Year, one of the world’s rarest and most expensive bourbons. Right after the good news broke that Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton and his team … [ Read more]

Battle of the Cinnamon Whiskeys

Sazerac is suing Jack Daniel’s for using “Google searching advertising to ‘confuse’ consumers and ‘divert’ Fireball sales to its own Tennessee Fire variant,” reports Law360. The lawsuit accuses the company of purchasing keywords that cause consumers searching for Fireball to be shown pages for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire whiskey instead. It also states that Jack Daniel’s … [ Read more]

The Case Against Craft Whiskey

Minnesota is abuzz with all of its new local spirits, but should we temper our enthusiasm? Let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment: what’s the case against ordering craft spirits? Portland-based bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler, bar manager at Clyde Common and noted cocktail columnist, penned a recent think-piece in which he advises against ordering grain-based craft … [ Read more]

Vikre Distillery to Release First Whiskey November 20

Vikre Distillery has announced that their Sugarbush Whiskey will debut on November 20 in select liquor stores as well as their Canal Park headquarters. Sugarbush is Vikre’s first whiskey, made from 60% flaked corn, 25% barley and 15% rye. Those ingredients suggest a bourbon, but a maple-inflected aging process makes it wholly unique: “It’s shorter aged … [ Read more]

Modern Moonshining

Forget the image of the hillbilly in the woods: home distillers in the Twin Cities are serious about their craft—and their underground practice might soon see the light of day Jack’s garage smells like a brewery. And that’s mostly what it is. There’s a plastic drum full of malted barley in the corner. Three large … [ Read more]

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A Scratch-and-Sniff Book—for Whiskey

Master sommelier Richard Betts has come out with a scratch-and-sniff book all about whiskey, reports the New York Times. His clever adult-oriented book provides the basics on how whiskey is made, the differences between whiskey styles, and the smells that distinguish each. For just $22, “The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All” can make … [ Read more]

Dublin Airport celebrates 75 years with a limited-edition whiskey

Aer Rianta International, in Dublin, has partnered with Powers Whisky to create a limited-edition pot still whiskey to celebrate its 75th anniversary, reports The Spirits Business. Dubbed the “Powers Aviation” edition, the whiskey will only be available at the Irish Whiskey Collection at The Loop in the airport. It’s a single-cask whiskey and the release … [ Read more]

Rye whiskey is having a moment

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) has released data that shows rye whiskey production has grown more than 500% in the last five years. According to David Ozgo, chief economist at DISCUS, that growth represents approximately $300m in retail sales. “The growth of rye whiskey has been phenomenal, given that, as late as 2000, rye volumes … [ Read more]

11 Wells Debuts Maelstrom Rum, Cocktail Room To Open This Spring

Since the debut of their Minnesota 13 un-aged whiskey, Bob McManus and Lee Egbert have been hard at work. They’ve built a new still, ordered a few truck loads of barrels, and cleared out space to serve some cocktails. Here’s what to expect from 11 Wells Spirits for the rest of the year and in … [ Read more]