Just in time for summer: Summit 30th Anniversary Keller Pils

With forecasted highs in the 70s and 80s for the next week, Summit Brewing couldn’t have picked a better time to release the second beer in their 30th Anniversary Series: Keller Pils. According to Summit, the beer seeks to highlight the unique flavor characteristics associated with a classic German pilsner malt, while recognizing the contributions to … [ Read more]

What We’re Drinking: Early April Edition

Welcome back to What We’re Drinking, the new bi-weekly feature wherein The Growler editorial staff look back on a recent remarkable beverage. What are you drinking, Growler Nation? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Coffee Chocolate Golden Ale at Birch’s On The Lake – John Garland, Senior Editor  I’m pretty sure that half of my high … [ Read more]

Summit 30th Anniversary Double IPA due out next week

30th Anniversary Double IPA tall boy four-packs rolling off the canning line! #Summit30 #thebigdipa pic.twitter.com/0P8dwMJL3t — Summit Brewery (@summitbeer) March 3, 2016 Summit Brewing’s 30th Anniversary Double IPA, the first in a series of releases planned for this year to mark the St. Paul brewery’s 30th anniversary, will begin hitting store shelves next week and … [ Read more]

Summit Unchained No. 21 Us & Them is two IPAs in one six-pack

Brewing beer is hard work, but sometimes it’s a downright party, er, parti. Parti-gyling, named for a “partial gyle,” (gyle being another name for fermenting wort), is a brewing technique that originated in medieval England, if not earlier. It involves drawing wort from a mash like usual (a “first running”), then sparging the same mash to draw … [ Read more]

Summit announces special beers to mark 30th anniversary

When Summit Brewing Company founder Mark Stutrud wrote to the Brewers Association in 1983 to apply for membership and notify them that he was exploring the idea of opening a craft brewery in St. Paul, the trade organization did their best to dissuade him. Fortunately for craft beer fans in Minnesota and beyond, Stutrud ignored … [ Read more]

Last night in Lima: How my pursuit of craft beer in Peru made the world a smaller place

Everything that happened that night after the “Barbarian Challenge” was a bit of a blur. I remember exchanging hugs and contact information with our new friends, the walk-run back to the hostel, semi-frantically stuffing clothes into my backpack, and a prolonged, Art of The Deal-esque negotiation with the cab driver over how many soles a … [ Read more]

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The Summit yule log is the holiday tradition you never knew you wanted

How do you improve upon on a holiday classic? Well, if you’re Summit Brewing, you serve it with a side of Union Series #5 – Old Blaggard Barleywine. This rule holds true not only for a prime rib dinner, but also for everyone’s favorite lazy-man’s alternative to having an actual fire in your hearth: the yule … [ Read more]

The Big Reveal: Utepils Brewing (formerly Bryn Mawr) has their Head Brewer

The news that a brewery was officially coming to Minneapolis’ Bryn Mawr neighborhood first hit email inboxes and social media sites late July 2015, when Bryn Mawr Brewing Co. announced it had signed a 10-year lease in an 18,000-square-foot warehouse in the @Glenwood development. A backyard waterfall, natural springs for the brewery’s future beer, and, most … [ Read more]

Summit EPA atop ‘Most Underrated Beers in America’ list

The beer that has defined Summit Brewing Company for the past 29 years doesn’t get the love it deserves, according to Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, which listed Summit EPA atop their 9 Most Underrated Beers in America list. “This classic pale ale has been Summit’s flagship beer since 1986,” the description states. “Almost 30 years later, it’s a fridge … [ Read more]

Summit releases Unchained #20: Sticke Alt

Summit Brewing Company’s 20th beer in its Unchained Series will be Sticke Alt, a Düsselfdorf Style Ale. Sticke Alt beer is maltier and hoppier than traditional Altbier, and is commonly offered in secret in Düsselfdorf, Germany. The recipes for such beers are also kept secret, meaning no two Sticke Alt beers are ever brewed the same way … [ Read more]

The story behind Summit’s Oyster Stout

Summit Brewing Company is teaming with St. Paul’s Meritage restaurant to create Kinsale Oyster Stout, which is brewed with real oysters added to the boil kettle. Summit head brewer Damian McConn says the oysters add a subtle “brightness to the beer that seems to accentuate the hops.” The beer will be available Oct. 11 at the 5th Annual … [ Read more]

Bashes, bacon, and beer: Weekend highlights Sept. 12–13

Summer’s over, huh? Apparently this weekend didn’t get the memo. This Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 12–13, are more packed with beer, food, and culture events than your Facebook feed is with back-to-school photos. See below for a rundown of some of our favorites. Saturday, September 12 Lift Bridge Pickin’ and Grinnin’ & 7th Anniversary Party | … [ Read more]

The ‘burbs at the Bash: A Q&A with The Suburbs’ Chan Poling

This Saturday, The Suburbs are coming to a backyard near you. Summit Brewing Company’s Backyard Bash, a celebration of the brewery’s 29th anniversary, will feature live music from The Suburbs, Gramma’s Boyfriend, Toki Wright & Big Cats (featuring Lydia Liza), Al Church, and Black Market Brass, and will raise funds for the non-profit Minnesota Music … [ Read more]

Drink like it’s morning: tea-infused beer gaining popularity

Move over, coffee stout, there’s a new kind of breakfast brew in town: tea-infused beer. While beer made with tea may not currently line store shelves, Summit Brewing Company’s latest Unchained Series release, Make It So, is another strong example of a growing national trend. An extra special bitter infused with Earl Grey tea, Make … [ Read more]

Summit announces Unchained Series Batch 19 – Make It So

Summit is boldly going where no brewery has gone before. Summit Brewing Company announced the release of the 19th installment in its Unchained Series, Make It So, an Extra Special Bitter (ESB) brewed with Earl Grey tea. The limited release beer will be available on draft and in six-packs of 12-ounce cans beginning the first … [ Read more]