The Mill: Book Club opens in Armatage

Book Club, a West Coast-inspired eatery led by restaurateur Kim Bartmann and chef Asher Miller, is opening today at the former home of Cafe Maude in the Armatage neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Miller, who has worked with chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Andrew Zimmern, is crafting a varied menu with everything from lemon herb chicken … [ Read more]

Mixed Blood Theatre to hold anniversary gala at Paisley Park

Mixed Blood Theatre, a Minneapolis-based theater known for its unique brand of provocative, inclusive, and “predictably unpredictable theater” since 1976, will celebrate its 40th anniversary by hosting a gala, as previously scheduled, on May 14 at Paisley Park Studios, they announced via press release today. “Paisley Park staff has assured us that ‘Prince wanted this event … [ Read more]

Prince Compares Record Contracts To Slavery

At a rare meeting with the media at Paisley Park in Minneapolis, Prince expressed his concerns about the state of the music industry. “Record contracts are just like—I’m gonna say the word–slavery,” Prince told a group of 10 journalists Saturday, August 8. “I would tell any young artist … don’t sign.” His pitch to the … [ Read more]