New HeadFlyer Brewing coming to Northeast Minneapolis

A new brewery is planning to open in the Miller Textile building at 861 Hennepin Ave E later this year. HeadFlyer Brewing Company announced on their Facebook page that they’ve signed a lease for a space in the redeveloped building once home to the Miller Bag Company, which produced potato sacks, lawn mower bags, and more. The … [ Read more]

Now Open: Inbound BrewCo

Just like their logo, Inbound BrewCo has planted their flag in Minneapolis and is officially moving in. Owned by North Loop BrewCo (formerly Lucid), Inbound is a new brand with new beers that will specialize in the taproom experience—something North Loop has been unable to do in their Minnetonka location for the past four years. … [ Read more]

New brewery expected to open in Montevideo this summer

Talking Waters Brewing, a new brewery being built in Montevideo, Minnesota, received its brewer’s notice and expects to open this summer. The brewery is the work of John Skoglund, Nick Patton, and Phil Zackman, and is currently under construction. When complete the brewery will create beer on a 5-barrel brewing system for purchase in the … [ Read more]

Moose Lake Brewing to open this summer

Thanks to Luke Beise the good job on our saw blade and logo that can see in our taproom once we kick the doors open! — Moose Lake Brewing (@MooseLakeBrew) October 21, 2015 Moose Lake Brewing Company has announced plans to open this summer at 244 Lakeshore Drive in Moose Lake, Minnesota, co-founder Paul Christensen said … [ Read more]

Wild Mind Artisan Ales to focus on sours & traditional European brewing methods

Wild Mind Artisan Ales, a new brewery eyeing a late spring or early summer opening, is hoping to bring a little slice of the Belgian countryside to south Minneapolis. According to a press release, Wild Mind will predominantly produce wild, sour, farmhouse, saison, and rustic ales in the traditional European method: through barrel aging and … [ Read more]

Cap’s Grille in south Minneapolis to rebuild, become brewpub

Cap’s Grille, a longtime south Minneapolis restaurant and BBQ joint, is planning to become a brewpub when it rebuilds at its current location next year. According to a Facebook post, Cap’s Grille has been working on the plan for the past two years. The Nokomis East Neighborhood Association is hosting an open house tonight, Dec. 16, … [ Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Goat Ridge Brewing in New London, Minn.

Josh Reed and his wife decided to move back home from the West Coast. Their plan to set down roots in rural Minnesota became literal in 2010, when Josh established a hop farm with 200 rhizomes on his wife’s homestead. The farm is set on a glacial ridge they nicknamed Goat Ridge, and his hops … [ Read more]

Sidhe Brewing Comes to St. Paul’s East Side

Fate seems to have led Kathleen Culhane step by step through her life toward the grand opening of Sídhe Brewing in St. Paul’s Payne-Phalen neighborhood. She is a trained chemist who has worked in laboratories, built pilot ethanol plants, troubleshot mechanical systems, and managed quality control processes. Those experiences and her twenty-year homebrewing hobby have … [ Read more]

Union Pizza & Brewing Is Now Open in Fergus Falls

Fergus Falls, Minn. is showing everyone how community building works. A group of like-minded entrepreneurial families are transforming the town from a cluster of chain restaurants and big box stores to a group of family-owned businesses. One of the latest projects brought together the families Ben Schierer, Jake Krohn, and Matt Ecker. They combined skills … [ Read more]

The Year in Beer 2014

Minnesota has seen significant growth in craft beer over the past 12 months, and all signs point to an equally impressive 2015. By our count Minnesota currently has more than 75 breweries and brewpubs in operation. We now have more breweries in the state than we have had at any point since Prohibition. In addition … [ Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Montgomery Brewing

Montgomery Brewing has a rare combination of hometown charm and historic cachet. When you have access to a 130-year-old defunct brewery building, there’s only one thing to do—start brewing in it. That’s exactly what Charles Dorsey and AJ Newton did these past years when they drove from the Twin Cities to Montgomery, Minnesota, to homebrew … [ Read more]

Now Open: Schram Vineyards Winery and Brewery

Now Open (or Damn Close) profiles Waconia’s next big thing: Schram Vineyards Winery and Brewery. Commuting out of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul on a weeknight is a grueling odyssey of weaving through construction bottlenecks, lane closures, accidents, and full-on gridlock. But as you get further away from downtown towards Waconia, the traffic eases—as does … [ Read more]

The Government Shutdown and Its Effect on Beer

By Joe Alton and Brian Kaufenberg The government has shut down. We go about our daily lives, accepting that Washington is broken and that this ridiculous stalemate, bemoaned by citizens from every political view, could drag on for a while. While not all of us are affected as directly or dramatically as the more than 800,000 … [ Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): Bemidji Brewing

Now Open or Damn Close Rounds Up the Latest Players in the Region’s Brewing Scene By Brian Kaufenberg Bemidji Brewing A utility meter reader, an adjunct professor, a substitute teacher, and a therapist walk into a kitchen and start brewing beer. No, it’s not the beginning of an old joke. It’s the beginnings of Bemidji Brewing … [ Read more]

Now Open (Or Damn Close): ENKI Brewing

  Now Open or Damn Close Rounds Up the Latest Players in the Region’s Brewing Scene by Brian Kaufenberg ENKI Brewing Bikers on the Cedar Lake Regional Trail have a new reason to stop in Victoria, Minnesota, just a 23-mile ride from Minneapolis. Inside the old town creamery, a redbrick building built in 1917, ENKI Brewing Company is serving … [ Read more]