Minnesota Marine Art Museum unveils three notable acquisitions

Minnesota Marine Art Museum, located along the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota, added to its already surprising collection of water-inspired art from world-renowned artists this weekend. Three paintings were unveiled to a room full of museum members and donors, Winona Daily News reports. The first painting was “Spring on the Hori River Overlooking Steckborn” (1946) by Otto Dix, a … [ Read more]

The little art museum in Winona making big waves

Water is the base of life. It comprises our oceans and our blood. It inspires ideas, inventions, and opportunities, whether it takes the form of the current in which driftwood is floating or the sweat on a warming beer can. Winona’s Minnesota Marine Art Museum (MMAM) showcases the connections between water, everyday life, and artwork of … [ Read more]