Finch’s Hardcore Chimera Imperial IPA

Finch’s Hardcore Chimera Imperial IPA 9% ABV This is a solid beer from the Finch’s Beer Company in Chicago. This is an innocent looking IPA with a sneaky 9% ABV. The citrus notes of grapefruit, orange, and lemon zest play off the soft caramel and grain notes whispering in the background. If this beer was … [ Read more]

Homebrew Recipe: Tré Cool Imperial IPA

This recipe appears in Michael Dawson’s book, “Mashmaker: A Citizen-Brewer’s Guide to Making Great Beer at Home.” Learn more at I knew a girl from San Francisco, and she and her Bay Area friends had been Green Day fans from their underground days. At least until Dookie hit the charts, then no more. Mainstream … [ Read more]

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