Thanksgiving Wine: Don’t worry, keep it simple

As we dive headlong into this holiday season, I find myself reflecting on celebratory meals of the past where the chronic overachiever in me could be found pouring over anxiety-inducing articles suggesting that I spatchcock or sous vide my turkey, or plan a multi-course dinner complete with the “perfect” wine pairings (you really want me … [ Read more]

How to celebrate Christmas like they did in the 1800s: Get drunk

Some 200 years ago, people celebrated Christmas not with family meals and cutely wrapped gifts, rather by getting “stinking drunk in public,” reports NPR. “I guess [the way] Christmas used to be celebrated, you’d just get drunk,” says University of California, Santa Barbara historian Erika Rappaport. Christmas was one of the few times that working-class men had … [ Read more]

Holidazzle moves to Loring Park, drops entrance fee

The Holidazzle, still trying to find its way after switching last winter from being a parade to trying to replicate a classic European Christmas bazaar, has announced that it’s dropping the $6 entrance fee, ditching Peavey Plaza, and moving to Loring Park for winter 2015, according to The Star Tribune. The event will be held … [ Read more]