A Look Back: The Growler Celebrates 2 Years in Print

Two years is a long time. It takes less time for Mars to make a full orbit of the sun. Here’s some perspective: when we started printing The Growler, people weren’t yet sick of Gotye. In the last two years, we’ve seen laws change, breweries grow and multiply, and craft-everything explode in new and exciting … [ Read more]

“The Beer Show” Debuts on 1500 ESPN

Thursdays, Starting June 27th, 8PM — “The Beer Show” Debuts on 1500 ESPN Tonight, tune into 1500 ESPN (KSTP-AM) for the debut of “The Beer Show” at 8PM. The show is co-hosted by Joe Alton, The Growler Magazine’s own Editor-in-chief and Chris Reuvers of 1500ESPN — sports personality and beer lover. Every Thursday night from 8 … [ Read more]

Issue 6 of The Growler out now!

A Growing Community Thermometers are on the rise and spring is on its way. It’s not only a season of growth for the local farms, but also for the community of women brewers and for new Minnesota craft breweries. _ Issue 6 of The Growler will be hitting racks on Tuesday, April 3rd. Scoop up … [ Read more]