All the hops: 2016 fresh hop beer round-up

The leaves aren’t the only things that change colors during autumn in Minnesota. Beers across the state go from gold to red, then brown and black, but in the midst of that change is one final harvest—it’s fresh hop season, ladies and gentleman. In conjunction with the boom of new breweries, the state’s commercial hop … [ Read more]

Minnesota Fresh Hop Round-Up

Seasonal beers are a big thing in Minnesota, but few generate the excitement of the wet hop, or fresh hop, beers of fall, which celebrate the direct connection between agriculture and beer, cone to glass. Catching up with a number of breweries across the state, we’ve compiled a list of 2015’s fresh-hopped beers from Minnesota. … [ Read more]

A Family Affair: Minnesota’s Growing Hops Community

Three men walk through even rows of trellises on the outskirts of Owatonna, Minnesota, noting how much fertilizer has affected the color of cascade hop leaves and how the glacier hops seem to grow wide. Amid inside jokes and ideas for their next homebrew, there’s a deep sense that these three men are on the … [ Read more]

Harvest Season: Minnesota’s Fresh Hop Beers

The fall hop harvest has all but come to a close, but the fruits of those labors are just now ready for enjoyment. Fresh hop ales are hitting shelves and taprooms all across the state to ring in my personal favorite season of the year—autumn. Fresh hops possess more intense aromas and flavors than their … [ Read more]

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