Stoking the fires of Northern food

The Upper Midwest is opting out of coastal culinary trends in favor of flame and smoke The word “provincial” is generally not intended as a pleasantry. It revolves around the idea that there is the center of civilization (Ancient Rome, modern New York, Tokyo, London, you take your pick) and that you’re in a distant … [ Read more]

Move over, cows: the almonds are coming

Sales of nut-based milks are booming—specifically, almond milk, reports Food & Wine. According to the Nielsen Company, almond milk sales have risen by 250% in the past five years—people spent $894.6 million on the alt milk in 2015 alone. Compared to soy milk’s 2015 sales of $297.7 million or coconut milk’s $61.3 million, and almond … [ Read more]

Kale seeds: the new gold?

Kale’s increased popularity has made it increasingly difficult, and expensive, for kale farmers to get their hands on seeds, reports Food and Wine. New Jersey kale farmer Ryan Flaim told CBS Money Watch, which recently looked into the status of the current kale market, that the price of kale seeds has probably gone up 80% over … [ Read more]