Castle Danger Danger American Strong Ale

  Castle Danger Danger American Strong Ale 6.5% ABV Just up the shore from Duluth, Castle Danger has delivered a subtle, yet intriguing flagship into the market. Danger Ale’s warning is that it is a decidedly drinkable 6.5% ABV. Amber in color, the nose keys in on the malt with a hint of raisin character … [ Read more]

Avery Brewing IPA

Avery Brewing IPA 6.5% ABV After a long hiatus, well-regarded Avery Brewing from Boulder, CO, returned to the Twin Cities market this fall. Revisiting a quality brewery like Avery starts with the new benchmark of hop handling, the India Pale Ale. Avery’s doesn’t disappoint with earthy hop aromas leading to layered hop flavors of pine … [ Read more]

North Coast Grand Cru

Elevated Beer, Wine & Spirits reviews North Coast Grand Cru. ABV: 12.5% | IBU: — Technically a Belgian Strong Ale, beautiful North Coast Grand Cru straddles several flavor profiles in what is ultimately a very satisfying sipper. An apple and floral nose gives way to a warming and deceptively dry mouthfeel. The agave nectar and bourbon barrel … [ Read more]