How a gas tax for aircraft set the stage for the craft beer revolution

If you have ever stopped to read the tax disclaimer stickers on a gas station pump, you’d know that a sizeable percentage of the price you pay for gas—$0.28 per gallon in Minnesota—goes towards covering something called “excise taxes.” If you are wondering what gasoline and excise taxes have to do with the enjoyment of … [ Read more]

MN Alcoholic Beverages Excise Tax

The ‘MN Drink Excise Tax’ (formally known as the ‘MN Alcoholic Beverages Excise Tax’)  has been generating quite a buzz lately, having recently been included in the House version of the Tax Omnibus Bill passed on April 24 and left out of the Senate with the Tax Omnibus Bill passed onMonday, April 29. Advocates on … [ Read more]