Fissures in Friendship: ‘I Refuse’ by Per Petterson

New Glarus Brewing Company made news this spring when Spotted Cow, its flagship brew, was sold illegally at a tavern in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Because New Glarus distributes and sells its beer exclusively in Wisconsin, any non-Wisconsinites who want to legally purchase Spotted Cow—or any of the brewery’s offerings—must travel to the Badger State to … [ Read more]

Book Dabbler: The World is on Fire

Last June I drove to Osceola, Wisconsin, to paddle the St. Croix with a college buddy. I filled a cooler with beer and beef jerky—ready for a day of sunburn and sweat—but a thunderstorm forced me off the road before I left the Cities. I managed to avoid the flash floods and tree limbs in … [ Read more]

Book Dabbler: The Diabolical Chaos of The Infernal

The most exceptional breweries aren’t afraid to take risks. Whether it’s new barrel-aging techniques or infusing their flagship beers with interesting flavors, they keep finding novel ways to excite craft beer lovers. Take Surly, for example. I recently downed a half pint of their Fiery Hell at the new Surly Beer Hall. According to the … [ Read more]

The Relatable Comedy of The Keillor Reader

How does Garrison Keillor remain relevant in a changing world? I grew up with parents who listened to “A Prairie Home Companion” on the radio and occasionally attended the live show. I remember asking my dad what he liked about it, back when I was too young and distracted by Sonic the Hedgehog to understand … [ Read more]

Book Dabbler: Returning to an adventure classic, Into Thin Air

Seventeen years after the release of Jon Krakauer’s best-seller, the tragic tale is still as gripping as ever After a recent snowfall, I watched the kids across the street climb on the snow piled at the end of their driveway. The wind chill was biting at something like -20°F, and though the kids looked to … [ Read more]