Designs for the Greater Good: John Dwyer champions architecture that responds to human needs, not just wants

John Dwyer designs buildings that do more than provide shelter or inspire people to snag a selfie to post on Instagram. He designs buildings that serve his community. Dwyer’s approach as an architect can be seen in all of his work, from a Northeast Minneapolis live/work space that weaves a creative, minimalist gallery space into … [ Read more]

Grand Designs: Alma is expanding to make you feel more at home

Have you ever been to Restaurant Alma? The acclaimed restaurant has been quietly sitting on the corner of University and 6th Avenue Southeast in Minneapolis for 17 years now, while Dinkytown was razed and rebuilt with luxury apartments and St. Anthony Main has waxed and waned. It’s not new or hot, and you can’t sum up … [ Read more]

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La Sagrada Familia Finally Nearing Completion

Begun 132 years ago in 1883, Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí’s most famous building, in Barcelona, is finally nearing completion. According to the current chief architect, six more towers will be added to the basilica by 2026, bringing the total to 18. The church’s completion is timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of … [ Read more]

Famed architect Frank Gehry to redesign the Los Angeles river basin waterway

Architect Frank Gehry is working with the city of Los Angeles to redevelop the Los Angeles River Basin, reports The Los Angeles Times.  Gehry’s involvement marks a potential turning point in a decades-long struggle to reinvent the river and its concrete-lined banks. The 51-mile-long basin is currently desolate, despite being the city’s central waterway. Since last year, … [ Read more]