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John Garland / Growler Magazine

The phrase “street meat” is usually derogatory. It describes the dried-out gyros or over-boiled hotdogs you might find from an indifferent vendor in a city like Boston or New York. You know, something like Khlav Kalash.

But since the Twin Cities have no contemporary history of sub-par street eating, it’s high time we re-appropriate the phrase. Our street meat is something worth celebrating, and this is especially true for sausages. As we point out in Growler Issue 14 (on stands now!), tubed meat is currently enjoying a local surge in creativity and popularity.

One of the newest dogs on the street belongs to The Bachelor Farmer. Currently in their second week of vending on weekdays during lunch, we found their sausage cart hanging out in the alley next to Askov Finlayson, just around the corner from TBF.

Their just-about-foot-long pork sausage ($6, includes chips) doesn’t have much of a snap to it, but the flavor is spot-on. We were given the choice of two relishes: cucumber or grilled garlic scape, and were happy we chose the latter. The intense greens, along with a squeeze of mustard, offer an aromatic and bitter one-two punch. It’s undoubtably a sausage worth seeking out.

A handful of homemade potato chips, perfectly salty and crispy, arrives in an adorable grease-spotted paper bag. Sides of coleslaw ($1) or a pickle ($2) and a few drinks are available as well.

We love the idea of dinner-only restaurants launching a limited foray into the lunchtime game. We hope to see more of it as our street food scene matures. Like, how great would it be if you could walk up to 112 Eatery at noon and buy their burger, wrapped to-go in wax paper?

The Bachelor Farmer Sausage Cart, 200 N. 1st St., Minneapolis. Mon-Fri, 11:30am-1:30pm.

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