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It’s no secret that commercial brewing generates a lot of heat and requires a regular supply of cool air for storage and refrigeration. Shop fans and kitchen-sized fridges might cut it in the world of homebrewing, but not in the commercial realm. So where do Minnesota’s biggest brewers turn for solutions?

Many rely on J.C. Younger, a St. Louis Park company that has worked with at least half of the breweries in Minnesota and more than 175 across North America. The company has been in business since 1956, serving all sorts of breweries, including some of Minnesota’s biggest names:


Surly Brewing Featured Image

J.C. Younger is “Surly’s exclusive chiller company,” says Sandy Younger, the company’s resident brewery systems expert. “We’ve been with them since 2005 or 2006, right when they were getting their start—and now look at them.”

Tin Whiskers


Tin Whiskers Brewhouse / Photo by Aaron Davidson

The popular Lowertown brewery has been with J.C. Younger since the beginning. Co-founder Jeff Moriarty appreciates its above-and-beyond approach to customer service. “Working with J.C. Younger has been one of the bright spots during the build-out of our brewery,” he says. “They even took steps to put sound reduction into the chiller to help reduce our impact on our residential neighbors.”

Big Wood


Big Wood Taproom / Photo by Grace Sell

Even smaller systems come with first-rate service. “Sandy came out several times at no charge to look at the project and give us recommendations on the best way to install the chiller for optimum performance,” says Big Wood’s Jason Medvec.

Lucid (now North Loop BrewCo)

Brewhouse at Lucid Brewing // Photo by Brittany Krekelberg

Brewhouse at Lucid Brewing // Photo by Brittany Krekelberg

“We selected J.C. Younger company to do this install because of their extensive knowledge of the chilling process, demand and supply required by a new brewery, and wonderful customer service,” says Jon Messier of Lucid. “They were with us from the design phase all the way through the install” and continue to provide troubleshooting and maintenance so that Lucid’s team can focus on, you know, actually brewing.


In the brewhouse Lupulin Brewing

In the brewhouse at Lupulin Brewing // Photo by Brian Kaufenberg

“From the start, we knew JCY was our best hope for all our cooling and design,” says Lupulin’s Jeff Zierdt.

Other clients include Lift Bridge, Castle Danger, Dangerous Man, Canal Park, 612Brew and Fargo Brewing—all recognizable names in the world of Upper Midwestern breweries.

J.C. Younger prides itself on being honest, customizing best cooling solution for the specific job, and guarantees “good cold beer 24/7,” so that a brewery can concentrate on production without having to worry about cooling.

According to Younger, his company specializes in “short- and long-term chiller rental, chiller manufacturing, glycol sales, and sales of new and reconditioned walk in coolers”—pretty much everything a commercial brewery needs to function smoothly and keep beer cold until it ships to distributors and retail locations. Unless a client specifically asks for one, J.C. Younger eschews off-the-shelf systems and delivers customized models calibrated to handle the unique demands of each brewery.

“We’re a little more expensive on the front end,” explains Younger, “but far cheaper on the back end due to superior customer service, no-cost consulting, and hands-on, in-person instruction. That means fewer problems and less system downtime.”

In an increasingly crowded brewing market, every second of operation can give a brewery a leg up on the competition.

“After all, if you’re not brewing, you’re not selling,” says Younger with a smile.

JC Younger Company is an ETL listed and inspected manufacturer. Family owned and operated since 1956. Based out of Minneapolis, MN. USA Made. We strive to set ourselves apart from other chiller companies, by using high morals and work ethic, being personal, and upfront about all costs. JC Younger also guarantees to not start up its own brewery, as other companies that work with breweries have, since we know the ins and outs. This will help you be at ease working with JC Younger.


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