Social Media Guide for Unlabeled No. 2 Brewery Participants

Thank you for being a part of The Growler’s second blind tasting event: Unlabeled No. 2: Oktoberfest! We’re thrilled to be able to put on the only blind tasting event series of this size in the world (to our knowledge, anyway), and we’re glad to have you along for the ride. Before we get started with social media, some quick facts about Unlabeled:

  • Unlabeled No. 2 will be held on September 20 at Upper Landing Park in St. Paul from 5:30pm–9 (sampling ends at 9pm sharp!) 
  • Attendees will have the ability to sample 48 different Oktoberfest beers, and rate them in our Unlabeled app.
  • Attendees will be issued a “flight paddle” containing four slots for sample glasses.
  • There will be 12 different flight stations, each serving four different beers. 
  • The brewery with the highest overall rating will be crowned “Best of Show” at 9pm. 
  • In our October issue, The Growler will share the “Best in Show” results of the public tasting, along with the results of our own editorial blind tasting. 

Social Media Guide

Relevant Links:

Social Media Best Practices: 

  • Please tag The Growler whenever possible while promoting Unlabeled on social media! Tagging us is easier if you follow our respective social media channels (we’ll follow back if we haven’t already). 
  • Please use the hashtag #GrowlerUnlabeled on the day of the event whenever possible, it will help us land in more people’s feeds, and find your social media posts for re-sharing.
  • Invite your friends to our facebook event, it helps Unlabeled organically reach more people’s feeds. 
  • A simple rule of thumb for social media is Photos and Videos > Text/Link posts, but quality is key! If your phone/camera doesn’t take snappy photos, feel free to post one of the graphics from our digital media kit, or email us for additional content ([email protected]). Don’t forget to drop the ticket link in the post’s text portion, even if you’re posting an image. 
  • Show folks how to use the app. We’ll post a video to YouTube at the end of the month explaining how to use the app, feel free to share it or make one of your own. 
  • Share our “Day-Of Guide”. We’ll be publishing this a week before the event. 
  • Have fun with it. Your social media posts should be in your “Voice,” all we ask is that you remain respectful, tasteful, and that you disseminate accurate information. 
  • Show off that super cool bandana. Wrap it up like a blindfold and host your own blind tasting (try to make sure the “eyes” face out), wear it like a pirate/Brett Michaels, or tie it around your pet. Social media loves pets!
  • Share info about the beer you’ve submitted, this could be tasting notes, brewing process details, the story behind why you decided to brew the beer, anything. Unlabeled is an education-centric event, so feel free to get your teach on. 
  • Post about your experience on the day of the event. We want to showcase how much fun Unlabeled is so that folks will want to attend our next event. Instagram stories are particularly great for this because you can post a ton without cluttering your feed. 
  • Don’t try to cheat. This goes without saying, but it would be a real bummer if we found out you were trying to influence the results of the blind tasting. Also, it’s no fun at all. 
  • Don’t disparage beer from other participating breweries. A little friendly competitive banter is all well and good, but let’s keep things classy folks. 
  • Don’t disparage our featured beer style. If you don’t have a lot of enthusiasm for Oktoberfests, that’s fine. We’re celebrating them at this event. We’ll be featuring different styles at future Unlabeled events. 
  • Nobody likes sour grapes. If your beer doesn’t win “Best of Show” or our editorial tasting, don’t take it personally. There’s always future Unlabeled events that you could win!

Thanks again to all of our Brewery Participants for your help promoting Unlabeled No. 2, we look forward to seeing you out at Upper Landing Park.