Eat This Now! Prairie Dogs at Sawatdee Eden Prairie

Chicken Sausage at Prairie Dogs

Daniel Murphy // Growler Magazine

We stopped by First Course Bistro yesterday to chat with Craig Johnson and Tobie Nidetz about their ever-evolving sausage odyssey, Prairie Dogs. Their search for a permanent storefront has been a trying process, and their current hopes envision an Uptown location if everything falls into place.

In the mean time, they’ll continue to pop-up all over the Cities with their creative brand of tubed meat. You can’t currently eat the chicken sausage with beets and fried leeks pictured above (what a tease!), but you can get something equally impressive at their Dogs Days Pop-Up at Sawatdee Thai in Eden Prairie.

“We decided we’d do four hot dogs and one sausage,” says Nidetz. “Craig came up with a red curry Thai sausage.” Their dogs are from Vienna Beef, but Johnson conceives and creates all of Prairie Dogs’ sausages. He explains his product for Sawatdee:

“It’s a pork sausage, with red curry paste in it. I took a lot of kaffir lime, galangal, garlic and lemongrass, no added fat, and pureed it. I added some salt to macerate it, ground the pork, mixed that in and added the curry. I let that sit for 24 hours so all the flavors infuse. I stuff them in sheep casings and let that air dry for a little while, and then bake them. It has that great sweetness and a little spice. It’s topped with sweet Thai peanut sauce, cilantro and pickled carrots – just sweet pickled in rice wine vinegar.”

The dogs are available on lunch and happy hour through next Friday, June 27th.

Sawatdee Thai, 13300 Technology Drive, Eden Prairie, MN, 952.641.5777.

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