Plate of the Week: Artisan Sandwich at Rise Bagel Co.

Artisan sandwich at Rise Bagel Co.

A dreary Wednesday morning. Downtown Minneapolis clogged with diverted highway traffic fighting through lane closures on every street. And then the rain enters the mix—grinding the sluggish, honking mess of cars to a halt.

The antidote: bagels. Real bagels. Not those puffy, bagel-shaped dough cakes that pass for bagels around here. I’m talking burnished on the top, close-textured, but still light in the middle, fine crunch gives way to pleasant chew, honest-to-goodness, tell-me-about-how-much-better-things-are-in-Manhattan-now bagels.

They’re at Rise Bagel Co., in the ground level of a warehouse on North 3rd St. and North 6th Ave. in the North Loop, and they should knock an indifferent coffee shop scone out of your morning rotation.

Their organic bagels are limited to plain, sesame, salt, poppy, and everything— and the quality of all five should make it evident that you don’t need any more options. Today, I’m digging the Artisan Sandwich ($8), with egg, bacon, a bit of arugula, and this rosemary butter that leaves a subtle, piquant aftertaste.

Better get an extra one to go. I might be stuck on Washington Avenue for a while.

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