Paradox Skully Barrel No. 17

THOMAS_ParadoxParadox Beer Company

Skully Barrel No. 17
8.5% ABV

What Reese’s did with peanut butter and chocolate, Paradox does with hops and sourness. This October 2014 beauty has a pretty, coppery-orange hue that’s bright and vibrant. The head is almost non-existent with a few scattered bubbles lazily making their way to the surface. The somewhat moderate nose evokes a bit of dust and sour fruit with a subtle piney note. This is a crazily complex beer that makes the drinker think. And that’s a good thing. It’s sweet. It’s sour. It’s dry. Do I love it, or just like it? The answer is different with each sip.

Thomas Liquors
1941 Grand Ave, St Paul

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