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Bad Weather Brewing

By Brian Kaufenberg
Illustration by Lucas Gluesenkamp

Bad Weather Brewing - Illustration by Lucas Gluesenkamp
Strike up a conversation with a Minnesotan and without fail the exchange will lead to the weather—and for good reason. With four distinct seasons, weather in Minnesota can be powerful, unpredictable, and awesome in the fullest sense of the word, a fact Minnesotan Zac Carpenter and University of Minnesota alumni Joe Giambruno of Bad Weather Brewing know firsthand.

However, this spring will prove to be a little greener for the duo as it marks the launch of Bad Weather Brewing Company’s Windvane, a “Minnesota Red Ale,” and Ominous, a “Midwest Warmer.” Don’t get comfortable with their lineup just yet, though; Windvane will be their only year-round offering bolstered by a list of ever-changing seasonal brews.

Beer at Bad Weather is made to defy standard style guidelines and instead is crafted to “work with the seasonality of Minnesota,” Carpenter said. It is also a reaction to brewer Zac Carpenter’s dreary, regulated experience working in Corporate America, which led him to return to brewing school.

After graduation, Carpenter was set up on a sort of blind brewer’s date with another recent graduate of professional brewing school, Joe Giambruno, by his wife and Giambruno’s mother. Chatting over a pint, they realized their personalities meshed well together and that they had the same dream: to open a brewery.

They found their place in the Lucid Brewery facility in Minnetonka and became the third alternating proprietor alongside Lucid and Badger Hill. “It allowed us to get in [the industry] a lot quicker and for a lot less money,” explained Carpenter. Beyond the financial benefits, the guys at Lucid and Badger Hill have offered Bad Weather assistance with brewing and in business.

Fitting to Bad Weather’s restless beer lineup, the duo is on the lookout for the perfect space for a permanent Bad Weather brewery, as is required by the terms of an alternating proprietorship.

Until then, they will continue to furiously brew their blend of Minnesota craft beer alongside their brewery-mates, lending a hand and receiving help themselves when needed.

The Brewer: Zac Carpenter

The Beer: Windvane Minnesota red ale, seasonals (listed under the forecast section of the website)


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