New Orleans Crawfish Boil by Chef Andrew Gerson


Dinner on the Farm Presents a Farm to Table recipe from Chef Andrew Gerson of Brooklyn Brewery, who’s in town from August 9-16 for Brooklyn Brewery’s Mash Tour.

Photos by Jeromy Reaux

The crawfish boil is a distillation of New Orleans culture and the slow simmering essence of summer. Meaty crawfish slow cook in a fragrant spice laden broth alongside a medley of aromatics. Recipes for this event are as diverse as the community of New Orleans, blending culinary inspirations that span the globe.

The crawfish boil mixes all of my favorite elements of cooking and entertaining and serves as perfect accompaniment to a cold beer and a relaxed sun-filled afternoon. When it comes to a crawfish boil it’s best you get the advice of a bonafide New Orleanian, and it can’t hurt if they happen to be an accomplished chef and co-founder of Dinner Lab, the leading members-only eating experience in the country. This recipe is an adaptation of Francisco Roberts’ crawfish boil base. Crack open a Brooklyn Summer Ale, roll up your sleeves, and enjoy elbow to elbow amongst friends.



Largest stockpot you can find (or multiple pots)
Colander with handle
Coil propane burner
Mixing bowl

Spice Blend

100 g cayenne
80 g paprika
60 g ground black pepper
60 g ground coriander
60 g cumin
110 g chili powder
40 g garlic powder
40 g onion powder


Main Ingredients

50–100 lbs live crawfish (a sack or two washed thoroughly with your hose)
4 bunches of green onions (include green tops)
4 carrots, halved
1 head celery, halved
10 heads of garlic, halved
1 pineapple, peeled and cut in 2 inch slices
4 lbs ham hocks
2 lbs Shitake mushrooms (or Button)
10 ears of corn, halved
2 lbs red potatoes
½ lb bacon
4 12 oz cans summer ale or 48 oz of draft

Serves 20-30

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