Urban Organics is giving ancient water a fresh new name: The Drink

The Drink is the new brand name for the water under the Historic Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul // Photo by Kevin Kramer

The Drink is the new name for the water dispensed from the Historic Schmidt Brewery Well House in St. Paul // Photo by Kevin Kramer

Locals have long visited the water well at the Historic Schmidt Brewery on West 7th Street in St. Paul to get their fill of the pristine spring water held inside the deepest bedrock aquifer of east central Minnesota, including the Twin Cities Metro Area. Now, the well’s new owner is giving the ancient water its own brand name: The Drink.

The well draws water up 1,100 feet from the Mount Simon-Hinckley aquifer—the same water used by Schmidt for brewing when it was in operation. The aquifer began as a massive pool of water circulating through the Twin Cities region 30,000 years ago, before being buried under sediment and locked underground by glaciers carving through the river valley.


Filling up jugs of “The Drink” from the well at the Historic Schmidt Brewery // Photo courtesy of The Drink

Recently, the aquaponic farming company, Urban Organics, purchased the well, upgraded the existing water dispensing system, and renamed the water The Drink, according to a press release. You can still fill up your own containers for just $1 per gallon, and The Drink is available 24-hours a day via vending machines with cash, credit, or Apple Pay.

Proceeds from The Drink will help Urban Organics spread the word regarding the role of aquaponics in water conservation, as well as to increase the use of aquaponic farming locally, nationally, and internationally. “In the middle of the city, we’re able to connect people with a remarkable source of fresh water—direct from the 30,000-year-old aquifer—that customers can bottle and take home,” said Dave Haider, co-founder of Urban Organics. “With The Drink, we hope to shine a light on being good stewards of our planet’s water supply.”

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