Untappd announces merger with Next Glass


Untappd, the mobile app that tracks what and where users are drinking, announced today that it is merging with Next Glass, an app where users rate what they’re drinking and their rating is analyzed based on that drink’s chemistry in order for it to recommend new beers and wines to try.

The merger comes after exploring many options that would allow the Untappd team (Tim Mather and Greg Avola) to transition from part-time to full-time.

Per the Untappd blog: “After many discussions and exploring many different directions, we are excited to announce a strategic merger between Untappd and Next Glass, a fellow alcohol based start up. It was evident very early on in our discussions that we shared similar goals and ideals for our respective apps and together we could achieve great things. Unlike other mergers happening in the beer world recently, this merger brings together two like-minded start ups set on disrupting the beer industry for the better.”

Untappd will remain an independent entity. The merger will allow them to provide “new updates, cool features, and even more badges, faster. There will be no rebranding, name changing, or abrupt pivots. We will continue just as we have, building a world class social community for beer drinkers, only at a much quicker pace.”

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