Three Canadians land in jail after mistaking hops for marijuana

Marijuana and hops

Marijuana and hops

Meanwhile in Canada… three residents of Charlottetown in the province of Prince Edward Island were arrested after attempting to get their hands on marijuana grown on a Stratford-area farm.

According to a report by CBC News, the three adults were quickly taken into custody after the owner of the farm called authorities to report trespassers near his farm buildings. Adding insult to injury for the three would-be robbers, the marijuana they tried to steal was actually hops, grown for beer brewing. (While the two plants are taxonomically related, they are in fact not the same thing.)

Unfortunately for the hop farmer, the three culprits did “extensive damage to the farm’s crop that was packaged for shipping,” according to the report.

“This senseless act has impacted the farm’s ability to provide quality product to market,” police said.

One of the three arrested, a 23-year-old man, was charged with breaking and entering, theft, and mischief, plus two counts of breaching court orders. The other two were released and are scheduled to appear in provincial court later.

The moral of the story is that not only does crime not pay, it can also ruin the chance to make good beer.

[H/T CBC News]

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