Rage yoga. Enough said.

rage yoga

Rage yoga founder Lindsay Istace, who says rage yoga is all about being “centered, confident, and giving zero f**ks.” // Photo courtesy Lindsay Istace

Yoga is all the rage these days. And now, rage yoga is a thing, too.

Held in the basement of Dickens Pub, in Calgary, Canada, rage yoga classes swap water and quiet for beer and a whole lotta swearing.

Founded and led by Lindsay Istace, rage yoga is “a bastardization of Vinyasa Yoga, done at a slower pace and with more F-bombs.” Every class begins and ends with a calming moment, but beyond that, “you should expect there to be foul language, laughter, and shenanigans. If these offend you,” the website says, “Rage Yoga is not for you.”

Participants will also receive two tickets, each good for a pint of Dickens draft beer. Up to you whether you want to drink before, during, or after class. Or all of the above. There’s no judging in rage yoga.

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