Penumbra Theatre to celebrate 40 years of artistic expression with new Minnesota History Center exhibit

Image courtesy of Penumbra Theatre Company; photo by Allen Weeks

St. Paul’s Penumbra Theatre was founded in 1976 by Lou Bellamy to create an artistic forum for African American voices in the Twin Cities. Forty years later, the theater company is still creating thought-provoking performances, increasing public awareness of African American contributions, and igniting social change.

Coming this February—timed to open during Black History Month—Penumbra will debut its new exhibit, “Penumbra Theatre at 40: Art, Race and a Nation on Stage” at the Minnesota History Center. From February 18 to July 30, 2017, the exhibition will showcase personal accounts, artifacts, and immersive settings from the theater’s history in order to inspire, educate and reflect the pride and perseverance of the communities whose stories it tells. The exhibit will also feature works that Penumbra has embraced throughout its history, including artifacts from the Givens Collection of African American Literature at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

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Throughout the duration of the exhibit, there will also be additional programs offered at the Minnesota Historical Society, such as short performances, a family day, and an evening conversation with Lou Bellamy. Click here for more information about the exhibit from the Minnesota History Center.

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