The Mill: New supermarket to open in North Minneapolis

An architect's rendering of the coming My North Market in North Minneapolis // Photo via My North Market Facebook

An architect’s rendering of the coming North Market in North Minneapolis // Photo via North Market Facebook

A full-service supermarket and wellness center will be opening mid-December in North Minneapolis. The North Market is filling a hole in a neighborhood that previously relied on scattered convenience stores for its groceries.

MPR News reports that the closest full-scale supermarket to the North Market is three miles away, making it difficult for those who rely on public transportation or simply traveling on foot to access groceries. Until Wirth Cooperative Grocery opened this September, there was very little access to fresh, high-quality produce for residents of North Minneapolis.

The North Market is actively hiring from the North community, effectively creating more than two dozen jobs for a neighborhood that’s seen very little development relative to surrounding neighborhoods.

In addition to groceries, the North Market will have its own wellness center run by North Memorial Health. Dieticians and health workers will work with people on-site to assist in prioritizing healthy eating habits, especially individuals with chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.


The future home to a new wine bar on West 7th. The building served as a firehouse and was built in the 1870's. // Photo courtesy of the St. Paul Real Estate Blog

The future home to a new wine bar on West 7th. The building served as a firehouse and was built in the 1870’s. // Photo courtesy of the St. Paul Real Estate Blog

The 1870s-era firehouse on Grand Avenue off of West 7th Street is being redeveloped into a wine bar. The building was previously scheduled for demolition until its fate was secured by neighborhood groups.

City Pages will host its fourth annual Cocktailian on December 7, complete with national and local distillers, including Lawless, Tattersall, and Copperwing. There will be a wide selection of signature cocktails with names like the Wiscosmopolitan and the Midcilantro Night’s Dream, as well as an interactive station where attendees can learn the “Seven Pillars of Craft Cocktails.”

Dogfish Head Brewing has partnered with The Flaming Lips with their newest collaboration beer, Dragons & YumYums. As both entities are renowned for their weirdness in their respective industries, the two decided to come together to produce a beer that provides a sensory experience suited to the music of The Flaming Lips.

Avery Brewing just announced that it’s sold a minority stake to Mahou San Miguel, making it the second American craft brewery along with Founders with a minority investment from the privately-held Spanish company.


The brick and mortar store of Hola Arepa // Photo by Aaron Davidson

The brick and mortar store of Hola Arepa // Photo by Aaron Davidson

The co-owners of Hola Arepa are about to open up their second restaurant in an old Northeast strip club. The place will be called Hai Hai, inspired by the street food the couple encountered during their travels through Southeast Asia. The bar will have its very own sugarcane press for its housemade cocktails, as well as a vibrant food menu that strays from the expected listings of pho or curry.

Hot Indian Foods, the food truck that hit the streets in 2014, will soon also be found in the skyways of downtown Minneapolis. The menu will contain popular items like the Indurrito and the Indi Frites that take traditional Indian dishes and give them a familiar spin. They can also be found at their spot in the Midtown Global Market, as well as stalls at Target Field and the State Fair.

The famous Wahlberg brothers are bringing their burger chain Wahlburgers to the Mall of America, introducing the hysteria that’s resulted in eight whole seasons of their very own show on A&E to Minnesota. The franchise struck a deal with grocery chain Hy-Vee, which will be operating the branch.

The Atlanta investment firm that owns Arby’s and Jimmy John’s is purchasing Buffalo Wild Wings in a $2.9 billion deal. The Golden Valley-based wings chain started leveling off in growth three years ago, when chicken prices skyrocketed.

Loulou Sweet & Savory just opened its first storefront right off the Midtown Greenway. The food truck famous for its unique rolled ice cream will serve up its signature item as well as coffee, cold-brew matcha, and espresso drinks.

Martina, a new restaurant inspired by the cuisine of Argentina, is now open in the former home of Upton 43. Owner Daniel del Prado says that the menu is influenced by times of both hardship and flourish in his home country of Argentina, with options for a fancier dinner or something more casual, like empanadas.


Mikayla Holmgren became the first woman with Down syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant on Sunday night. The 22-year-old from Marine on St. Croix received a standing ovation when she was named the winner of the Miss Minnesota USA Spirit Award and Director’s Award.

Business at the Electric Fetus has dropped 20 percent since the start of the reconstruction of the Franklin Avenue bridge. The Fetus and other businesses affected by the project are demanding that signs be posted by MnDOT directing confused drivers to their storefronts. MnDOT has promised they will soon be providing signage, but until then Electric Fetus co-owner Aaron Meyerring is taking matters into his own hands with homemade signs and banners directing drivers to the parking lot.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Jose Hernandez, who’s in critical condition after a hit-and-run late Sunday night. The Brasa St. Paul employee was riding his bike home from work when he was struck by an SUV running a red light. The page has already raised upwards of $8,000, exceeding the initial $5,000 goal.

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