New documentary on California craft beer follows 80 breweries in one month

Craft-The California Beer Documentary

California—the land of sunshine craft beer.

With 518 breweries operating at the end of 2015, California ranks number one in breweries, number one in annual economic impact ($6.887 billion), and number two in amount of beer produced. California is so synonymous with craft beer these days it’s a wonder they haven’t changed their slogan to the Golden Ale State.

A new documentary titled “Craft: The California Beer Documentary,” aims to give audiences a glimpse into the state’s craft beer industry as it follows director Jeff Smith on a one month road trip visiting 80 of the top breweries in California, including Lagunitas, Stone, and Sierra Nevada.

The documentary is scheduled to be released starting May 31 on DVD and video-on-demand, such as iTunes, Dish Network, and Microsoft Xbox.

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