New beer: Victory releases limited bourbon barrel-aged Java Cask

JavaCaskBlack Friday, meet your match.

Victory Brewing has dubbed today “Dark Wednesday” and for the fourth year in a row has released a beer to mark the occasion.

At 14.3% ABV, Java Cask is the strongest beer Victory has ever produced. According to Victory, the beer is a deeply complex chocolate malt-tinged stout, aged in bourbon barrels for six months, where it absorbed the blended flavors from the wood as well as the predecessor bourbon they once held. With rich body and hints of dark caramel, Victory partnered with William Reed of Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda’s, two iconic Philadelphia bars, to add toasty, roasted coffee flavors and aromas to the brew by infusing it with 240 pounds of JB’s hand-roasted coffee beans.

Available in a limited run, Java Cask can be purchased in bottle shops throughout Victory’s 37-state distribution footprint (with the exception of Ohio, New Hampshire, Alabama and Georgia due to ABV limitations) with a suggested retail price of $15.00, though pricing will vary slightly based upon location.


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