Lagunitas’ first-ever cans, 12th of Never, coming in July

Photo by Joseph Alton // Growler Magazine

Photo by Joseph Alton // Growler Magazine

Lagunitas once proudly proclaimed they’d be the last craft brewery in the country to can their beer. Well, apparently everyone else has started canning—because Lagunitas 12th of Never will arrive at your local liquor store wrapped in aluminum.

“We decided that beer lovers think cans are cool and we recognize they can go places glass cannot,” Lagunitas founder Tony Magee says, via press release.

Lagunitas describes 12th of Never as “a blend of Old and New School hops that play bright citrus, rich coconut, and papaya-esque flavors, all on a solid stage of English puffed wheat…Pale, cold, slightly alcoholic and bitter.”

A quick taste at Growler HQ confirms 12th of Never’s assertive, citrusy hop profile, with a light and bone-dry body, and just enough malt to keep things balanced. The 5.5% ABV pale ale will be sold in twelve-packs starting in July.

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