Jack Pine Brewery plans move and expansion


Jack Pine Brewery // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

Jack Pine Brewery opened three years ago in their current home at 7942 College Road in Baxter, Minnesota. As they’ve grown, they’ve maximized the use of their current facility, but owner and brewer Patrick Sundberg said the building and its location has limited what he offer his customers, and as a result is planning a move and expansion for the coming year. We caught up with Sundberg to learn a little more.

The Growler: Why are you relocating?

Patrick Sundberg: Simply put, we need more space. Our brewery and taproom have grown over the past three years and our current location just isn’t adequate. We’ve done a lot with our small taproom in our industrial space, but there are many items on our wish list that just don’t work for our current location.


Jack Pine Brewery // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

TG: What do you hope to achieve with the relocation/expansion?

PS: Right now, we are quite cramped on space, so the new location will give us some breathing room both in the taproom and in the brewery. Our current zoning doesn’t allow food trucks or an outdoor patio, so both are in the plans for the new space. We also plan to have a more flexible taproom space that will allow enough room when we are busy and open up the use of a portion of the taproom for private events mid-week. Right now our brewery shares space with the taproom, so we have to schedule taproom hours around the brew schedule, which has been difficult as we’ve grown.

TG: Where are you relocating to?

PS: We will be on the north end of Baxter, just off of Highway 371. While we’re not far off the highway right now, we will be visible and much easier to get in and out.

TG: Will you be increasing your brewing capacity?

PS: Yes, we will upgrade from our current three-barrel system to a 15-barrel system with both 15-barrel and 30-barrel fermenters.


Jack Pine Brewery // Photo by Ellen Burkhardt

TG: What else should people know about your relocation/expansion?

PS: There has been a lot of work behind the scenes the past few months getting everything pulled together and we still have a long way to go. It’s going to be a busy summer for us as we try to keep this little brewery turning out the beer to keep up with demand while planning the expansion. If all goes well, we will be up and running in our new location by next spring, but no promises.


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