Indeed Let it Ride IPA pedals back onto shelves with new Chuck U art

Indeed Let it Ride Cans

The days are getting longer, Girl Scout cookie order forms are making their way around the office, and if you needed another sign that spring is right around the corner, Indeed Brewing’s warm-weather seasonal IPA, Let it Ride, is back on store shelves.

This is Let it Ride’s first release since Indeed updated its branding last summer, and the cans are sporting a new design from local artist Chuck U.

At 90 IBUs and 6.8% ABV, Let it Ride IPA is massively hop-forward. The beer is brewed with mosaic, calypso, and el dorado hops and delivers aromas of blueberry, pear, and tropical fruits.

Let it Ride is already showing up on some store shelves and should be everywhere Indeed is sold by Feb. 22 through July when Let it Roll, Indeed’s cold-weather seasonal IPA, returns to take its place. The brewery is also releasing both beers in a mixed six-pack while they transition from one seasonal to the other.

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