How do you really feel about that Facebook post?

Julie Zhuo, product design director at Facebook, demonstrates the new emoji-like stickers customers will be able to press in addition to the like button. // Photo by Mary Altaffer for Associate Press

New emoji-like stickers that will join Facebook’s iconic “like” button include angry, sad, and love options // Photo by Mary Altaffer for Associate Press

Facebook’s “like” button is about to get some company, reports the Associated Press.

Facebook has been testing alternatives to “like” in about a half-dozen countries, including Ireland, Spain, and Japan. On Wednesday, Facebook started making “haha,” ”angry,” and three other responses available in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

In changing a core part of Facebook—the seven-year-old “like” button has become synonymous with the social network—the company said it tried to keep things familiar. The thumbs-up “like” button will look just as it long has, without the other choices cluttering the screen or confusing people. You have to hold that button or mouse over the “like” link for a second or two for the alternatives to pop up.

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