Ephraim, Wisconsin’s last dry town, to vote on beer and wine sales

Ephraim in fall // Photo via ephraim-wisconsin.com

Ephraim in fall // Photo via ephraim-wisconsin.com

Ephraim, Wisconsin, may be well-known for its fish boils and beautiful views of Lake Michigan, but one thing it’s not known for is alcohol. That’s because this small village has been dry since its founding in 1853.

Today, Ephraim is the last dry municipality in Wisconsin, though that could change this April when the historic alcohol ban will be put to the vote. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “last week, the village certified petitions seeking to put two referendum proposals on the April 5 ballot. One, in essence, asks whether the sale of beer, for consumption on the premises or packaged, should be allowed in the village. The other asks whether it should be OK to sell wine in restaurants.”

There have been two other referendums held on the issue of alcohol sales within the village. In 1934, 59 percent of people said no to alcohol sales. In 1992, that number rose to 74% against alcohol sales.

While many residents signed the recent petitions to force the referendums, there are others who feel the no-alcohol tradition brought to Ephraim by its Moravian-faith founders should remain intact.

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