Crickets on the menu at GYST following documentary premiere


Following the April 22nd premiere of The Gateway Bug, a documentary on the edible insect industry at this year’s Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, GYST Fermentation Bar will be hosting a dinner featuring a 4-course tasting menu full of crickets. The presumably crunchy fare will be paired with wine and beer courtesy of Tradition Wine and Spirits and Indeed Brewing Company.

The insects will be provided by Entomo Farms, and the dinner will feature a special guest appearance by Andrew Zimmern.

Here’s a peek at the menu (tickets are on sale now):

Course 1:
Beet pickled egg with honey mustard crickets, 2 GYST pickles.

Course 2:
Kale salad, Baley Hazen blue, fermented radish, toasted seeds and roasted crickets.

Course 3:
Cricket flour flatbread, Oma cheese, potato, fermented leeks and Red Table Meat Co. speck.

Course 4:
Miso panna cotta w/ spiced pear cricket jam with a butter cricket flour cookie.

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