Bryn Mawr Brewing reaches investment goal, set to open in spring 2016

Bryn Mawr Brewing Renderings

Bryn Mawr Brewing announced today that it reached its $1.2 million investment goal, which will allow the brewery to stay on track to open in spring 2016.

“Our early investments indicate a strong confidence in the management team and business plan for the brewery,” said Dan Justesen, co-founder of Bryn Mawr Brewing. “We are now beginning construction and will be traveling to Germany in the next two weeks to test and accept our brewing equipment so it can be shipped back here and entered into production.”

Bryn Mawr Brewing attracted investments from across the nation and from well-known names in Minnesota’s brewing and hospitality industries, as well as financing from healthcare executives outside Minnesota. Their full-production brewery and taproom will be built at the site of the former Glenwood Bottling plant minutes west of Downtown Minneapolis. The brewery will specialize in classic European beer styles and also offer select, special edition seasonal brews.

Learn more at Bryn Mawr Brewing.

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