Beer, ho! Carnival Cruise Lines launches on-board brewery

Carnival Vista // Via

Carnival Vista // Via

Beer has been transported around the world by sea for centuries (even becoming engrained in the popular origin myth of India Pale Ale), but the cruise line company, Carnival, is taking the “beer by boat” tradition one step further.

Carnival enlisted the help of Alchemy and Science—the wholly-owned subsidiary incubator of Boston Beer Company—to install a microbrewery to its new Carnival Vista vessel. The brewery will be added to the cruise liner’s Key West–inspired bar and restaurant, Red Frog Pub.

According to a report by Brewbound, Carnival approached Alchemy and Science as a collaborator for Red Frog’s beer recipes and asked for their input on how to build a brewery. Alchemy and Science head brewer Jon Carpenter helped the cruise company to develop the pub’s recipes, as well as recruit and train Red Frog’s head brewer.

Carnival will offer three boat-brewed beers when Carnival Vista sets sail on its maiden voyage on May 1: Thirsty Frog Port Hoppin’ IPA, Thirsty Frog Caribbean Wheat, and Frisky Frog Java Stout.

“We’ve been working for months with these talented partners who have helped us create three exciting and unique craft beers for Carnival Vista and we anticipate our guests are going to absolutely love them,” Eddie Allen, Carnival’s vice president of beverage operations said in a press statement.

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