Abbey Road Studios remastering classic albums at half-speed

Miles Showell of Abbey Road Studios // Photo via

Miles Showell of Abbey Road Studios // Photo via

Musicheads may still be divided about whether vinyl or digital recordings offer truer sound, but the vinyl contingent may soon have the upper-hand.

Six classic albums from bands such as The Rolling Stones and Cream were remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London using a “process that promises to reveal a new level of depth and clarity to the recordings,” according to a story on The Independent.

The process, refined by Miles Showell, involves slowing down both the playback of the master track  and the cutting lathe to half the desired recording speed. In doing so, the cutting head can cut more intricately into the vinyl’s master lacquer to help bring out more sonic detail from the recording.

The 180-gram vinyl albums will play at the standard 33 rpm and will sold for around $40–$50, but you may not hear the difference the half-speed mastering makes unless you have a quality turntable, says Showell. The six albums that were given the half-speed treatment are:

The Rolling Stones – “Exile On Main Street”

The Police – “Ghost In Machine” 

John Martyn – “Solid Air”

Cream – “Disraeli Gears”

Free – “Fire And Water

Simple Minds – “New Gold Dream”

More albums in the Universal Music catalogue will follow.

[H/T The Independent]

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