A new (tasty) use for recycled water: Beer

Mavericks Brewery, which opened in 2014, was founded with a focus on sustainability. They hope that making Tunnel Vision IPA with high-purity recycled water will raise public awareness and help people see it as a safe way

Mavericks Brewery opened in 2014 with a focus on sustainability. Their recycled-water Tunnel Vision IPA keeps with this environmental philosophy.

Mavericks Brewing announced today that they’ve made the first beer in California using recycled water. And not just any recycled water: greywater sourced from NASA.

Mavericks, an independent craft brewery in Northern California, will unveil the recycled-water version of their best-selling Tunnel Vision IPA at the Meeting of the Minds Conference on October 22.

“California is in a massive drought and we need creative solutions to address it,” said Lenny Mendonca, co-founder of Mavericks Brewing. “One viable solution is the more expansive use of recycled water. Beer has a long history of helping to purify water. At Mavericks Brewing, we wanted to rekindle that tradition and show that water can be recycled and used for drinking – even in the highest quality craft beer.”

Due to greywater restrictions, the beer will not be available for sale.

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