Lomo de Cerdo with Canary-Style Ropa Vieja and Summit Pilsener

In January 2011, Guzman brought his talents and skills to Solera where he added his own unique flavors to Spanish food, while maintaining a strong traditional approach and respect for Spanish cuisine. He brought his approach to using locally sourced and sustainably raised ingredients from almost 20 different farms.

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Solera holds true to this approach and philosophy on food. In 2011, Chef Guzman helped found and manage a non-profit fundraiser called Farm in the City. Farm in the City is an annual collaboration between the Twin Cities’ best chefs and the farmers they use. They raise awareness about local and sustainably raised food. Last Year, Farm in the City helped raise $15,000 for Youth Farm. But, with an earnest smile, he’ll tell you that he just makes simple food with great ingredients.and an amazing kitchen team that helps bring it all to fruition.



Lomo de Cerdo

Ropa Vieja en estillo de Islas Canarias

Translates to:

Pork Tenderloin

Ropa Vieja in the style of the Canary Islands

Lomo Marinade (lomo de cerdo dish)


½ c          extra virgin olive oil

20           garlic cloves, slivered

6 T          coriander, toasted & ground

6 T          cumin, toasted & ground

6 T          Mexican oregano, dried

4 T          salt, kosher

4 T          tomato paste

½ bnch  cilantro, chopped

4 ea        serrano peppers, chopped


4 oz        achiote paste

3 c           orange juice

½ bnch  cilantro

10 ea     garlic cloves


Combine first 9 ingredients and mix well. Blend the ACHIOTE PREP ingredients and add to the rest of the marinade.

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