Lake Superior Deep Water Black IPA

Lake Superior Brewing Company

ABV: 10.3%Lake Superior Deep Water Black IPA

Uncapped, Lake Superior Brewing Company Deep Water Black IPA is nothing short of black in color. As it pours, a sustainable, creamy head grabs hold of the walls of the glass and never lets go. It smells a bit sweet, possibly caramel, chocolate, and coffee. Further assessment found us pondering a trace of peat and a hint of something toasted. In the mouth this one boasts a big, burnt taste with an edge of sweetness that complements it nicely. Surprisingly the beer lacks the bitterness we’re used to when it comes to the style, although, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The drying of the tongue is what gives the style away. As it warms it mellows with a peculiar sweetness hard to pinpoint; possibly bubblegum. Food pairing: desserts. Plain cheesecake comes to mind.

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