Join Capital Brewery For a Walk on the Malted Side

Eternal Flame is now available

Middleton’s Capital Brewery announced on Monday the arrival of Eternal Flame, the second annual installment of the evolving flame series. The aptly named Eternal Flame is a boldly styled brew made from a mix of lagers, including one that was carried over from last year’s Autumnal Fire series.

Brewery officials say the new Flame, which has an alcohol level of around 9%, is a limited release Maibock style with an intensely malted profile—a holiday guest with a strong opinion.

“It’s a smoldering delight with big taste,” said general manager Tom Stitgen.

Eternal Flame is the first release among six to be presented to the public in the brewery’s new Capital Square Bomber Series. The Capital Square Bomber Series is the unfolding of multiple, limited release beers that will be available in the 22oz bottles during the upcoming months.

“We wanted to take advantage of a trend,” noted Vice President of Sales Corey Wheling. “Twenty-two ounce bottles are the number one package for consumer beer trials for beers (people) have never had before.”

The appearance of twenty-two ounce bottles signals more change for the brewery in a year of transition that included a new package design, the departure of a brew master and the recent ascension of acting brewmaster Brian Destree going forward. A self-described old-school brewery, Green Bay native Destree has maintained he will keep Capital’s beloved lager lineup in place, but he hopes to push some boundaries in other directions as well.

“This beer is all about the malt, which gives it a deep amber/orange hue that is reminiscent of a glowing fire. Yet, when you drink it you’ll notice it is remarkably smooth, which is not an easy thing to make happen in a 9% ABV beer. It is the perfect beer to cozy up to on a cold winter night” according to Brian Destree acting brew master and brewery production manager for Capital Brewery.

Marketing manager Jessica Schluter said the Eternal Flame label features an image appropriate to this beer, which is a resurrection of a previous batch. “We chose the Phoenix because it tells the story of rising from the ashes.”

The special second generation series release will be available in stores mid December.



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