Collab Chronicle: Follow the breweries competing in the 2016 In Cahoots!

Fair State Brewing Cooperative & Sociable Cider Werks

Jim Watkins, co-founder and head cidermaker at Sociable Cider Werks, wanted to make sure he avoided past beer styles that were unsuitable for the summer heat surrounding In Cahoots!

With that in mind, the apple Berliner weiss was born. Watkins and Fair State Brewing Cooperative’s Niko Tonks are close friends—Tonks initiated the beer program at Sociable—so dreaming up a beer was easy. Over some Mexican lagers and tacos, the duo hashed out a plan to highlight both individual brewery’s strengths. In short: apples and sours.

“If we have another hot summer August day, there is nothing like a little bit of bright acidity from a kettle sour beer and that crispness of apple,” Watkins says. “It goes really nicely together and will be instantly quaffable.”

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