Collab Chronicle: Follow the breweries competing in the 2016 In Cahoots!

Dangerous Man Brewing Co & Indeed Brewing Company

Indeed Brewing Company’s head brewer Josh Bischoff said he and Dangerous Man Brewing head brewer Rob Miller knew they needed to incorporate tea into the beer somehow.

“From there we didn’t really have the style in mind, but continued to text back and forth until we came up with the Imperial White IPA, then using tea as the source of the spices,” says Bischoff.

The collaboration allowed the duo “to get a little weird,” says Bischoff. And though it’s a contest, Bischoff is happy for the chance to exercise some competitive drive.

“That said I’m taking this more as a fun chance to work with Rob, than a serious competition,” Bischoff says. “Funny, I guess I always go into competitions thinking I’m going to win; what’s the fun in going in thinking you’re not going to win?”

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