Hi-Lo Diner goes full dad-bar tonight

The Dad-hattan cocktail, available tonight at the Hi-Lo Dad Bar // Photo by Tj Turner

In the past three years, the theme-night cocktail pop-ups at Hi-Lo Diner have grown increasingly elaborate, wacky, and just downright fun. The bar that recently gave us the Booze Brothers and Hi-LoWeen tonight will transform into the bar of every dad’s dream.

Dad Bar: A Hop On Pop-Up will feature a dad joke contest, a soundtrack full of J. Giles, Kansas, and America, a “Let Me Take A Look At That” booth (where the folks at Repair Lair will pinpoint what’s wrong with your broken gear), and an IKEA assembly station that promises to be more difficult than it looks.

Ryan Thomas Barott (L) of Hi-Lo and Patrick Orlopp (R) of Tattersall discussing the Dad Bar: A Hop On Pop-Up // Photo by Tj Turner

Oh yes, the drinks! An all-star cast of bartenders from In Bloom, Tattersall, Martina, Colita, and Hi-Lo will converge to mix up dad-themed cocktails. They include the Dad-hattan (that’s been slightly oxidized, filled with too much ice, and littered with filberts), “I Swear I’ll Turn This Sidecar Around” (a really nice reverse sidecar with Tattersall Aquavit and Orange Crema), and “A Final Moment of Quiet” (served in an old coffee mug, because dad is too tired for your fancy glassware), and many more.

Hi-Lo’s Ryan Thomas Barott and Tattersall’s Patrick Orlopp gave us a preview of the menu, which you can see here in all of its fatherly glory. Dad Bar runs from 7–11pm this evening.

L to R: The Dad-hattan, I Swear I’ll Turn This Side Car Around, A Final Moment of Quiet, Deadbeet Dad, and the Pebble Beach // Photos by Tj Turner

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